Heavy Lift Project 250 tons Turbine

Lately we discharged one turbine with a unit weight of 250 tons and moved it with our SMPT into our warehouse. The turbine will rest there for several weeks in order to execute final assembly steps. Additionally we are supplying our customer with scaffold construction and other services.


Afterwards the turbine will be loaded into a port barge for further transport.


Thanks to all parties involved.

Handling of Turbines

Recently finished loading of several turbines with unit weight up to 230 tons for client Rolf Riedl GmbH, Hagen.

The units have been delivered by river barge, discharged on quay and re-loaded onto coaster including lashing, securing and welding.


Thanks to all parties involved

Handling of cable drums

In April 2017 we finished another project. In this case 13 cable drums with a total weight of 560 metric tons have been delivered by truck. We stored them for several weeks until they’ve been loaded onto a coaster. In Addition to the cargo handling EPS took care about the lashing, securing and dunnage.

Thanks a lot to all involved parties.

Container Project

Since August 2016 our customer delivered abt. 62 standard trucks and 12 special trucks with machinery parts to our facility. We provided abt. 2,100 sqm of storage area until April 2017. After receiving the shipping specifications EPS did the sorting and marking of all packages. Following, we did the stuffing and securing of abt. 64 standard container and 14 flat racks within days. Lastly, we delivered the standard container by truck and the special equipment with port barge to the export terminal.

We thank all involved parties and we are happy that the next project already started.